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AIDA World Congress of Insurance Law Congress in Buenos Aires – October 2006


Association for Insurance Law of Serbia and Montenegro plans partaking of its members in AIDA Congress of Insurance Law Congress in Buenos Aires – October 2006, which shall be dedicated to studying of two themes: ‘The Influence of Scientific and Technological Innovations on Personal Insurance’ and ‘Insurance, Reinsurance and the Impact of Terrorism’. Accordingly, all Working Parties, except for transport and insurance, shall have meetings during the Congress. Those Working Parties are:

1) insurance of motor vehicles,

2) reinsurance,

3) state supervision of insurance,

4) pollution, product liability and new technologies,

5) prevention and insurance,

6) pensions,

7) accumulation of claims and subrogation,

8) consumer protection and insurance disputes resolution and

9) distribution of insurance.


            Association has invited managing directors of insurance and reinsurance companies in order to have proactive partake of their companies and employees and other collaborators у in the Association activities, forthcoming World Congress of Insurance Law and Working Parties’ activities:

            1. Accept and sign group membership form at the Association of Insurance Law of Serbia & Montenegro on behalf of their companies,

            2. Suggest persons from the labour body of the company they lead and external collaborators, who at the expense of their insurance or reinsurance company can and wish to partake in the activities of the AIDA Working Parties as delegates of the Association for Insurance Law and

            3. Designate persons who at the expense of their insurance or reinsurance company shall be sent to partake in the World Congress in Buenos Aires and advise the Association of their names.

            In this letter, Association pointed out that it is looking forward to receiving from managing directors’ membership forms immediately and participants list for the World Congress in Buenos Aires until March 31, 2006. This shall enable the Association to make necessary preparation for partake of our delegation in the World Congress. Names and other personal details of delegates in the activities of the AIDA Working Parties, insurance and reinsurance companies should send in the Membership Forms or brief communication to the Association immediately.




Tentative Date: October 16/20, 2006

            Tentative Program:


Monday/ October 16, 2006

02:00 pm                     Registration Opens
02:30 pm                     Presidential Council Meeting
05:00 pm                     Opening Ceremonies
07:00 pm                     Welcome to Buenos Aires

                                    International Buffet Reception


Tuesday/ October 17, 2006

09:00 am                     Registration (continued)
10:00 am                     Theme I:
12:30                           Luncheon (all attendees)
02:00 pm                     Theme I (concludes)
06:00 pm                     Adjournment
07:00 pm                     Cocktail Reception


Wednesday/ October18, 2006

09:00 am                    Working Party Programs- Session I:
1. Motor Insurance
2. Reinsurance
3. State Supervision

12:30                           Luncheon (on own)
02:00 pm                     Working Party Programs (continued):

4.Liability and Insurance for Products- Pollution- New Technologies
5. Prevention and Insurance
6. Pensions

07:00 pm                     Tango Show


Thursday/ October 19, 2006

09:00 am                     Theme II:
12:30                           Luncheon (all attendees)
02:00 pm                     Theme II (concludes):
07:00 pm                     Folklore Show


Friday/ October 20, 2006

09:00 am                     Roundtable Discussion
10:00 am                     Working Party Progarms (continued)

7. Accumulations and Subrogation
8. Consumer Protection and Dispute Resolution
9. Distribution of Insurance

01:00 pm                     Presidential Council Luncheon
03:00 pm                     Presidential Council Meeting
09:00 pm                     Closing Dinner


Saturday/ October 21, 2006


Optional Excursion


Registration Cost:    USD 500


5 stars Hotel
Sheraton- Hilton- Park Hyatt- Marriot Plaza
USD 150 to USD 250

4 stars Hotel
American- Carlton- Bauen- Holiday Inn- Meliá Confort
USD 60 to USD 120

3 stars Hotel
USD 40 to USD 70



1962: Rome

- Modern aspects of the legal concept of insurance
- Functions of private insurance and social insurance
- Aims and means of State control

1966: Hamburg

General Themes :
- Action of the State with regard to insurance companies in difficulties
- Profit insurance : loss of profit insurance, new value, admitted value, and the indemnity principle

Special Themes :
- The possibilities of reducing the financial burden of public liability insurance (sum insured, excess, legal costs)
- The influence of the insured’s behaviour on the cover in a contract (warranty, misrepresentation, concealment; non-disclosure, forfeitures; Obliegenheiten)
- Group insurance, especially Life
Warehouse to warehouse clauses in marine hull insurance

1970: Paris

Themes :
- The rights of third parties against the insurer
- Insurance and monetary variations

1974: Lausanne

Themes :
- The accumulation of claims payments, recourse and subrogation in matters of private and public insurance
- Insurance and acts of violence against a community, which affect persons or property


1978: Madrid

Themes :
- Prevention and insurance
- Pollution and insurance

1982: London

Themes :
- Insurance and the liability of providers of services
- The principles which should govern the insurance of persons


1986: Budapest

Themes :
- Changes in the Liability law; a challenge to insurers
- Aggravation and other modifications of the risk situation


1990: Copenhagen

Themes :
- Damage from international disasters in the light of tort and insurance law
- The financial supervision of insurance companies with particular regard to the financial resources required for insurance operations

1994: Sydney

Themes :
- Freedom of contract and of choice of law in insurance
- Life insurance in relation to pensions both State and private

1998: Marrakech

Themes :
- Insurance Intermediaries
- The Right of the Beneficiary of performance of an Insurance Contract


2002: New York City

Themes :
- Alternative Compensation Mechanisms to Liability insurance for Damages other than those caused by Automobile Accidents
- Integration of Financial Services

2006: Buenos Aires




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