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About us

Organizacioni odborAssociation for Insurance Law of Serbia, as one of National Chapters of AIDA – Association Internationale de Droit des Assurrances (International association for Insurance Law), came up from obscurity before lawyer’s and expert public as far as back to 1971. Consequently, far earlier than majority of others lawyer’s associations active in Serbia today. Under the name Yugoslav Association for Insurance Law, it organised ‘Consultation on Legal Regulation of Obligation Relations in Insurance’ on April 20 and 21 at the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia. ‘Croatia’ Institute for insurance and reinsurance published majority of lectures from that event in the ‘Insurance and Commerce’ magazine, nos. 6-7 and 8.

Names of the former Association’s Presidents from that time speak for themselves about its reverence: Prof. Vladislav Brajković, President, Prof. Borislav Blagojević and Prof. Vladimir Jovanović.

Association has mission to organize activities and develop co-operation in research and development of insurance law. 


  • Gathering and organisation of lawyers implementing insurance law at insurance companies, courts, advocacy, Universities, companies and other organisations in order to accomplish goals in insurance law as efficient as possible;

  • Work on research and improvement of insurance law,

  • Co-operation with responsible administrative and legal bodies, chamber of commerce and associations at draft laws from the area of insurance and their implementation;

  • Studying insurance legislation and its implementation,

  • Co-operation with judicature in order to compile, improve and develop court practice,

  • Improvement of department practice at insurance and other companies in insurance industry,

  • Providing educational aid to lawyers at insurance companies for acquiring higher professional degrees,

  • Co-operation with scientific institutions and other organisations on development and improvement of insurance law.
    Association effects its assignments by:

  • Organising expert meetings, consultation, lectures and seminars,

  • Producing and publishing scientific and expert articles in insurance law or assisting in production of these publications,

  • Suggesting to the competent authorities passing regulations for successful resolution of the legal problems in insurance practice, as well as taking part in deliberations before passing insurance legislation,

  • Compiling and publishing court authorities on insurance law,

  • Co-operation with other associations on uncertainties resolution in insurance law,

  • Organising co-operation and participation in international research of certain issues by the AIDA framework.

Annual Confereces of Association for Insurance Law of Serbia

Report (s) on the work of the Association for insurance Law of Serbia

  Main activities in 2010.


AIDA XIII WORLD CONGRESS, PARIS, 17-20 May ( Theme 1: MANDATORY INSURANCES: Legal and Economic Myts and Realities; Theme 2: CLIMATE CHANGE)

  Past activities




Palić 2006.

10-12 april 2008.

Conference Palić 2009.



Conference Palić 2008.




Palić 2006.

12-14 April 2006.

Instruktivno savetovanje

September - October 2006.


16-20 October 2006.

Conference ‘Palić 2006’


Conference in Belgrade

AIDA Congress



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